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Conference in Vic

L'Associació Síndrome d'Asperger d'Osona us convida a la Conferència UNA VIDA AMB ASPERGER a càrrec de Ramon Cererols, autor del llibre DESCOBRIR l'ASPERGER. Data: 20 de novembre de 2014, a les 8 del vespre; Lloc: Casal Cívic Can Pau Raba, al carrer Raval Cortines, 24, de Vic. Acte obert a tothom.


Conference in Alacant


Conferencia de clausura de la IV Jornada Síndrome de Asperger, celebrada el 5 de octubre de 2013 en el Paraninfo de la Universidad de Alicante y organizada por la Asociación Asperger Alicante —ASPALI—. La asistencia a lo largo de la jornada superó las 600 personas.

“ASPERGER: MI VIDA, MI VISIÓN” made by Ramon Cererols

» Imágenes y texto de la conferencia


What is really Autism?

Despite the 70 years since the discovery of autism, yet no satisfactory theory explains what is the core of the disorder. This paper proposes a vision of it consistent with the varied manifestations observed along the autism spectrum.

» Article download (in Spanish)


"Discover the Asperger"

A book designed for the Aspies, their families, educators, doctors and psychologists, but also for anyone interested in knowing and understanding other kinds of minds. A complete and current overview of this disorder, still little known among us, written with technical rigor and from personal experience.


Book available in paper, and also as a free download in ebook and PDF:
» The book: information and download
» Prologue by Dr. Josep Artigas
» Conference in Alacant
» Conference in Barcelona
» What is Asperger?
» Some famous Aspies
» ASD Mechanism

Prologue by Dr. Josep Artigas,
director of the center Psyncron


Distributed by Psylicom Ediciones
(psychopedagogic materials)


Information about ASD in the site


Documentary about Asperger
Planet Asperger


Jobs for people with ASD


Conference in Barcelona


Closing conference of the 6th edition of the postgraduate course Trastorns de l'Espectre Autista: Diagnòstic i Intervenció, that took place on June 15th 2011 in the Saló de Graus of the Facultat de Pedagogia de la Universitat de Barcelona.

DESCOBRIR L’ASPERGER made by Ramon Cererols

» Photos of the event
» Text of the conference (in Catalan)
» Text of the conference (in Spanish)
» Slides


ASD Mechanism

First hypothesis for the mechanism of the Autism Spectrum Disorders that is consistent with all the groups of symptoms commonly observed.

» Information and article download



"FUGIDA" (Escape): Made with Blender, and selected for the Barcelona Creative Commons Film Festival 2011.

Blender 3D

Blender 3D

Images created with 3D tools
» Self-portraits
» Places
» Visual tests
» Terragen
» Modelling




Transcription of varied neuronal patterns (ideas, dreams, memories...)
» Clippings
» The Truncated Scream
» Augustus has left me




Drawings, photography…
» In the garden
» Lanscapes
» City scenes
» Still life




From my first stage (HP-25, HP-41C, Oric-1, Atmos, Amstrad CPC-464, CPC-6128) I keep three works:
» a collection of handwritten articles that I distributed in the HP-41C user's club,
» an article published in the French magazine L'Ordinateur Individuel, and
» a book about the machine code of Oric-1 and Atmos, with several hundred copies.


Josep Manzano

Josep Manzano

Trials Pilot, he was Junior World Champion in 2001, and Senior 10th in 2002 and 2003 (and he is my nephew!).
» All his record (130 pages)




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