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How to get it


Paper version currently not available.

You can download the book in PDF format:

You can also read it in Issuu:

And now, thanks to the excellent job of Carlos Sánchez, you can also download it in ePub format for eReaders:




In the book "Discovering Asperger" you will find:

  • A full, rigorous and structured description of the current knowledge about Asperger, with more than 200 footnotes referencing academic and research articles and books by experts.
  • Interspersed with the above, but clearly distinct, the narrative of the author's personal experience as an example of one of the many ways of experiencing Asperger.
  • A philosophical reflection about the existence, born from the Aspie consciousness, and from the perspective of current knowledge in physics and neuroscience.
  • A bibliography with brief descriptions of 70 sources selected from about 2,000 documents consulted for the preparation of the book.

Furthermore, the second edition includes a foreword by Dr. Josep Artigas, neuropaediatrician and psychologist, a recognized expert in autism spectrum disorders, and Director of Psyncron, specializing in neurodevelopmental disorders.


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